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Good Tips to get rid of obesity and Lose Weight

Obesity is one of the biggest and most dangerous diseases that many people suffer from in the Arab world, due to the bad eating habits that we have followed from the Western world. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the most successful ways to lose weight in the world, which showed their ability to lose weight in a short time from Diet magazine

Here are some tips and steps to lose weight and get rid of obesity

Food: You should make sure that each dish you eat contains more than half of the vegetables, because the vegetables contain a large amount of dietary fiber, and the latter will make you feel full without having to eat a lot of calories, which will cause you to be obese.

Orders: If you are in any public place and want to eat something, you have to order it small, it does not matter if you are going to order coffee, tea, juice or any dish, you have to ask that they bring you a smaller plate than usual, as the manager of the largest nutrition site says that if you want Slimming You have to eat thin things, that is, small, and this is one of the new ways to lose weight and has proven its effectiveness.

Control yourself: One of the ways to lose weight is also that if you are a religious person who cannot control themselves when you see unhealthy foods such as fried potato chips, ice cream or any food, try to compensate for that with other healthy foods, such as almonds, chickpeas, nut butter, and this will keep you away from Those unhealthy foods.

Salads and soups: Always try to start your main meals with a variety of vegetable salad or hot vegetable soup, because it will fill your stomach with fewer calories and you will feel full without eating a large amount of food that may cause you to gain excess fat.

Do not eat everything: One of the new ways to lose weight is that when you are out in a restaurant eating lunch or dinner, restaurants always put a large amount on the plate than we put at home, so try not to finish the whole plate, try to leave a little food.

Drinking water: One of the ways that helps to lose weight, is that sometimes we think that we feel hungry, but in fact we do not feel hungry, but only feel thirsty for that in order to protect ourselves from eating another meal. Try to drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated throughout the day. Doctors advise drinking money At least 8 cups of water. In order to add taste and vitamins in the water, it is recommended to add some lemon pieces, as they help in quick slimming.

Do not eat at night: there are some people who deprive themselves throughout the day of eating, but when the night falls they cannot stop for this. Try to join the time and stay away from eating in the late night because everything you will eat in the day will be converted by the body into fat and that is because you will not do anything Effort pays your body to burn those fats.

Do not eat in front of the TV: One of the most important ways to lose weight is to stay away from eating. As for the TV, this is because the mind is busy with the movie, which prevents the stomach from sending a notification to the brain that it is full, and this is what makes people eat a large amount of food when they are in front of the TV, so try to Change what you eat in front of the TV with healthy food such as popcorn and dry fruits, as they do not contain large calories and will make you feel full at the same time.

Snack: Always try to carry a small snack in your pocket, for example, a protein bar or something like that, if in case you feel all hungry, instead of making a mistake by eating a large meal rich in calories, which will inevitably cause you to be obese.

Juices: Did you know that the calories in an orange increase if you juice the orange instead of eating it? Therefore, try to eat lemon instead of squeezing it, and this is one of the ways to lose weight that many people overlook.

Whole grains: Try to stay away from everything that is white in color and focus on brown bread and brown rice, and this is because it contains whole grains, which will make you feel full for a longer period without the need to eat a larger amount, unlike whole grains.

Breakfast: One of the ways to lose weight that many people neglect is not to eat breakfast, but this meal is the most important meal throughout the day because it increases the metabolic rate, which is the percentage of burning fat in the body, and it also protects you from unhealthy eating at night, so you have to be careful to eat breakfast. Integrated healthy in terms of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Sports: Because you cannot lose weight without doing it; It is sports, how not, and it is the best way to push your body to burn its stored fat, so try to practice any kind of sports in order to keep your body burning fat and stay fit instead of going to spend some purpose in the car. Why not take a walk? Walking is healthy and beneficial, and most importantly, it will help you burn fat as well.

Therefore, doctors recommend at least 3 hours a week of any sport, walking, swimming, cycling, or running.

No meals before bed: One of the ways to lose weight that some people do not know is that you should not eat any kind of food after dinner, because food gives us energy, and we do not need energy during sleep, so if you eat any meal that was after dinner, you should know that your body It will convert it into fat directly, so avoid eating after dinner, it is not useful if you are looking for quick slimming and a slim body

Do not taste: There are some people who think that when they taste some dessert or birthday cake or any dish they think that it is okay and this is wrong, this may push you to increase and this is what we do not want, so try to control yourself.

Do not eat from the bag: One of the ways to lose weight that is recommended by senior nutritionists is not to eat directly from the bag and to use a plate to eat in it, so you know the amount that you have eaten and also protect yourself from eating the whole bag.

Eating method: Do not eat until you can no longer eat, as this is unhealthy first and will cause you stomach disorders and many diseases that

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